Music, Audio, Radio and Sound Working Group

The Music Audio Radio & Sound Working Group (MARS) examines audio-based forms of media through empirical and theoretical research. MARS provides an international space to investigate all aspects of audio-based media as an expanding field of enquiry, concerning the role of sound industries (understood broadly and including radio, music and sound industries), the content they produce, the infrastructure and actors involved in producing it (including artists, presenters, producers, journalists but also distributors, technicians, managers) and the audiences who engage with it.

The Working Group considers scholarship about the audible sphere of media and communication as interdisciplinary in nature, applying diverse methodologies and theoretical frameworks, including, but not limited to political economy; media and communication; cultural approaches; audience studies; journalism; ethnomusicology; sociology of culture; discourse studies; sound studies; media history; and the participatory and community media.

Co-Chair: Ignacio Gallego (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid -UC3M-, School of Humanities, Communication and Library Science, Spain) Contact:
Co-Chair: Mia Lindgren (University of Tasmania, Australia) Contact:

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