IAMCR’s mandate is set out in its formal statutes (available on the Structure and Organisation page of this website). Its principal objectives are to:

  • Provide a forum where academic researchers and others involved in media and communication research and practice can present and discuss their work, hone their critical skills and collaborate in new projects;
  • Encourage research and systematic study, especially in the areas of media production and consumption and the structure and transformation of media and communication markets in the wake of social and technological transformation;
  • Strengthen and improve research in the media and communication field by supporting the development of local, global and interdisciplinary perspectives and new knowledge;
  • Support the development and improvement of the education and training of journalists and other media professionals;
  • Support the development of critical media skills amongst audiences and the expansion of media literacy;
  • Stimulate interest in media and communication research, particularly in areas where work is not well-developed and in recognition of the diversity of contexts in which media and communication are experienced;
  • Ensure that information about research results and methods is exchanged among all those with an interest in this field including researchers, practitioners and policy makers.