Political Communication Research Section

This Section aims to promote comparative research in political communication including the changes in political communication processes induced by new media and their influence at all levels. Particular attention is given to the media and political socialisation, political campaigning, public opinion and political participation, and interactions between the media and intermediary organisations such as interest groups and political parties. Studies of the uses of the media in campaigns and elections as well as in political marketing processes in government and the role the media play in local and informal forms of governance are of interest here.

Co-Chair: Martín Echeverría (Autonomous University of Puebla, Mexico) [Contact]
Co-Chair: Yuan Zeng (University of Leeds, United Kingdom) [Contact]
Vice Chair: Amélia Aben Athar Olinto Ramos (Fluminense Federal University, Brazil) [Contact]
Vice Chair: Sara Garcia (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain) [Contact]

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Webinar on German Election 2021

15 September, 2021 - The Political Communication Research Section will be holding an online seminar on the German Parliamentary Election 2021, with guest speaker Prof. Dr. Ursula Münch (Academy for Political Education Tutzing). After a short lecture the online audience will be able to ask questions and discuss the recent campaign.

U.S. election analysis

1 Dec, 2020 - The Political Communication Research Section will be holding an online event to discuss the report U.S. Election Analysis 2020 with one of its editors, Darren Lilleker. The report will be introduced, key insights will be delivered and questions will be taken from the online audience.

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