Community Communication and Alternative Media Section - elections 2024

The Community Communication and Alternative Media Section (CAM) will be holding online elections for one co-chair and one vice-chair positions, for the term 2024 - 2028. 

The elections will be held online from 23 April to 14 May using the SurveyMonkey platform. Individual members and representatives of institutional members in good standing, who are also registered as members of the Community Communication and Alternative Media Section will be eligible to stand for a position and to vote. Voters will receive a voting link on 23 April.

To verify if you are a member of the CAM Section, log in to your IAMCR account and select “My Sections and Working Groups” from the menu.

See the candidates and read their statements below.

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Monerica Santiago Arnuco

Monerica Santiago Arnuco (Universidade Católica Portuguesa Faculdade de Ciências Humanas, Portugal)

PhD Candidate

As an emerging researcher in the field of communication studies, I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to vie for the role of co-chairperson within the IAMCR’s Community Communication and Alternative Media Section. Although my academic journey may not boast the extensive tenure of some, I am confident that my fresh perspectives and innovative strategies can enrich the ongoing dialogue in our community. 

The diverse membership of IAMCR and its global reach provide a unique platform to cultivate engagement that transcends geographical and disciplinary boundaries. As someone relatively new to the world of research, I recognize the importance of fostering inclusivity and collaboration, particularly for fellow newcomers embarking on their academic endeavors. My goal is to foster an environment within our section where all members, regardless of their backgrounds, tenure, or levels of experience, feel empowered and encouraged to contribute. 

With a colorful academic background encompassing International Studies, a Master’s in International Business & Strategy, and now, pursuing a PhD in Communication Studies, I bring a multidimensional perspective to the table. My rich experience in navigating both academic and corporate spheres equipped me with critical thinking skills, adaptability, and innovation. These attributes are what I am eager to apply to advance our section’s objectives. 

At the core of my candidacy lies an unwavering curiosity – a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a passionate exploration of the intersections between various disciplines and perspectives. My vision for the Community Communication and Alternative Media Section is rooted in a steadfast commitment to fostering meaningful engagement at every level. It goes without saying that I deeply respect the contributions of seasoned scholars and I am equally committed to amplifying the voices of emerging researchers and ensuring that their viewpoints are respected and valued. By nurturing a culture of inclusivity and collaboration, I trust that we can harness the collective intellect and creativity of our members to push the boundaries of research in our field. I aspire to cultivate a dynamic environment where our collective efforts translate into real-world advancements and transformative and impactful outcomes. 

To conclude, I humbly offer myself as candidate for co-chair. I am prepared to work diligently for our section. Together, let us embark on a journey of dialogue, discovery and transformation – one that celebrates diversity, encourages innovation and leaves a lasting impact on the landscape of communication scholarship. 

andrew obaoill.jpg

Andrew Ó Baoill (University of Galway, Ireland)

Assistant Professor,
School of English, Media and Creative Arts,
University of Galway

I have been been active with IAMCR, and with the section, since the Porto conference in 2011. My contributions have included reviewing submissions to the annual conference, participating as a mentor in the 2019 mentorship programme in Madrid, presenting within the section, and since 2020 as vice-chair of the section. Within the wider community of scholarship that we represent, I have been a guest co-editor of two issues of the Journal of Alternative and Community Media. My research focuses on the interplay (and tensions) between opportunity and stability in alternative and activist media projects.
As vice-chair I have been privileged to work as part of a hard-working team, including not only Vinod, Amparo and Juan (and previously Alejandro), but also the wider network of members who give of their time to review submissions, chair sessions, and do the myriad tasks that keep a group like ours active and vibrant. I was elected, of course, in the first online elections in 2020, when all our activities moved online, and for 2021 and 2022 our work consisted largely of organising a mix of online events, including live video sessions, pre-recorded events, and the interactive online papers. In 2023, with the Lyon conference, we were able to resume in-person activities (including a successful social programme and a celebration of new publications that we are repeating again this year), alongside the online programme. I also worked closely with members of the ESNsection and ESR working group on coordinating joint panels.
For recent conferences constraints on capacity have emerged as challenges across the association, a result of welcome growth in the association’s active community of scholars over the past decade, but a trend that will need to be considered in managing the future development of our section. In tandem with this, we have a long history in the section of concern for the environmental impact of our conferences, and the unequal burden that the cost of conferences places on different members of our community. As we have learnt from our experience with online conferences, these issues are not easily resolved, but I remain committed to ensuring our planning – in the section and the association as a whole – takes account of these various tensions.
I am conscious of the importance of our conferences for networking and professional development, particularly for newer and more junior members, and I am working on reviving the mentorship programme we first trialled in Madrid. I would like to see us expand our newsletters (along with our social media presence) to offer a regular schedule of supports for our community across the year. And with the other members of our leadership team, I would like to see us progress plans for section publications, such as handbooks. 
I am grateful for the trust placed in me by members in my previous term, and hope that I will be granted your support to continue and expand upon my work for the coming term.

Amparo Cadavid (School of Communications, UNIMINUTO, Colombia)acadavid

Professor and Researcher at the School of Communications
UNIMINUTO, Bogotá, Colombia

My name is Amparo Cadavid, and I serve as a professor and senior researcher in communication at UNIMINUTO in Colombia. Since 2008, I have been actively engaged with this section, presenting paper proposals and contributing to its overall dynamics. In 2019, I was honored to be elected as Chair of the section, and I have since enjoyed the privilege of collaborating with a remarkable team. Together, we have tirelessly worked to shape the best possible CAM agenda for each conference, encompassing a wide range of activities pre-, during, and post-event. 

The 2017 IAMCR Conference, held in Cartagena, Colombia, was particularly memorable, as I took on the role of Local Organizer alongside my School of Communication at Uniminuto. Following the conference, we organized a three-day visit to local community projects, an initiative so impactful that we replicated it in Madrid in 2019. This year, in 2024, we are excited to introduce pre-conference activities in Australia, featuring site visits that hold significant relevance for the CAM section. 

The period from 2020 to 2022 was marked by unique challenges due to the pandemic. Nonetheless, it provided us with invaluable learning experiences and enhanced our networking capabilities. The shift to online conferences revealed the vast potential of global collaboration without the constraints of physical presence. It demanded of our team an extraordinary effort to reimagine engagement and participation. Despite the hurdles, we successfully facilitated CAM participation at Tampere University (Finland, 2020), USIU-Africa (Kenya, 2021), and Tsinghua University (China, 2022). Fortuitously, in 2023, we rejoiced in the return to in-person meetings in Lyon, which reignited the joy of live debates, presentations, and interactions. 

As Chair and a member of an international team, I have had the opportunity to contribute significantly from a Latin American perspective, integrating Spanish, the second official language of IAMCR. IAMCR's commitment to representing diverse regions is profoundly stimulating and challenging. During my tenure, we have successfully managed to curate panels and activities that embody a balanced and representative array of regions, generations, and specialized interests, observing the evolving trends in research over the years. 

With this statement, I humbly submit my candidacy for the position of Vice-Chair for the CAM Section. I am eager to continue my involvement with this team for another term, applying the insights and experiences garnered during the concluding term. I bring to the table a rich tapestry of expertise in participatory and co-creative research methodologies in communication. It is with this dedication that I aspire to sustain and enhance the CAM Section's contribution to IAMCR, upholding the exceptional standards established over the past two decades. 

bing ni

Bing Ni (Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Portugal)

Ph.D. candidate in Communication Studies at Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Dear Members of the IAMCR Community,

It is with great enthusiasm and sincerity that I submit my application for the position of Vice-Chair in the Community Communication and Alternative Media Section of IAMCR. In this dynamic and innovative field, I am dedicated to exploring and advancing alternative media narratives, with a particular focus on the role and impact of film media. My academic background and ongoing research endeavors fuel my passion for this field, and I am eager to contribute to the growth and prosperity of this section.

As a scholar in the field of communication, holding a Master's degree and pursuing a Ph.D., my academic journey has revolved around the theories and practices of media and communication. My research efforts aim to uncover the significant role of alternative media in community communication and their influence on social change and cultural expression. With a specific focus on film as a medium, I am keenly interested in understanding how it serves as a vital platform for alternative voices and perspectives, fostering public engagement and societal transformation.

As a member of the IAMCR community, I aspire to engage in fruitful discussions with fellow scholars on the global trends, challenges, and opportunities within the realm of alternative media. I am committed to actively participating in the organization and planning of section activities, promoting academic exchange and collaboration, and advancing the depth of research in alternative media studies. I firmly believe that through our collective efforts, the Community Communication and Alternative Media Section of IAMCR will emerge as a significant force driving social change and cultural innovation.

Therefore, I earnestly apply for the position of Vice-Chair in the IAMCR Community Communication and Alternative Media Section. I look forward to embarking on a new academic journey with colleagues and exploring deeper understandings and solutions for the issues we collectively care about.

Thank you for your support and trust in my candidacy.

Bing Ni