The Transformation of the Media System in Turkey

The Transformation of the Media System in Turkey

By Eylem Yanardağoğlu, this is the 16th title in the Palgrave/IAMCR book series Global Transformations in Media and Communication Research.

The book focuses on the changes that the media system in Turkey went through since early 2000s. Its perspective considers sociology of citizenship and focuses on processes such as Europeanization, de-Europeanization, authoritarianism on the one hand and implications of digitalization and convergence on the other. It tracks the transformation of the media system through the trajectories of normative, participative, and entrepreneurial citizenship practices. The final sections focus on aspects of convergence evidenced in bottom-up and participatory forms of digital media such as the birth of citizen journalism and fact-checkers after the demise of conventional mainstream media in recent years.

This book:

  • Contributes to local and global understandings of the recent political and cultural transformation in Turkey
  • Takes into account a previously neglected aspect of the classification of the media systems: the digital media
  • Situates the transformation of the media system in Turkey in wider contexts

Eylem Yanardağoğlu is an associate professor and head of the New Media department at Kadir Has University in Istanbul.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Nation, Media and Communicative Space
  3. Politics, Media and Citizenship in Modern Turkey
  4. Europeanisation Reforms and Early AKP Era
  5. New Media and Politics of Communicative Citizenship
  6. Restructuring of the Media System and New Media Convergence
  7. Conclusion

                          The above text is from the publisher's description of the book.

                          Title: The Transformation of the Media System in Turkey: Citizenship, Communication, and Convergence
                          Author: Eylem Yanardağoğlu
                          Published: 2021
                          Pages: 220