HIS elections postponed

This message from the heads of the History Section was distributed to all the section members on 27 April 2020.

Dear Members of the History Section, 

We hope you are all well amidst the current pandemic crisis. 

As you know, IAMCR has transitioned its 2020 conference to a virtual event which will allow us to still be in contact by reading the papers that will be sent in by those who applied for this year's conference and that saw their applications accepted.

Those of you who attended the business meeting in Madrid might be aware that we were supposed to have elections for the new section management team this year (the minutes of the meeting are available here). Due to the current situation, Gideon and I decided that it would be best to ask IAMCR’s Executive Board for a one year extension of our present mandate until next year’s conference. We believe this would allow us to have a discussion about the future of the section. It will also allow us to include in the election process those who are active members of our community but that might not be officially members of the Section at this moment because they will not be participating in the virtual event. However, if you think this postponement is not a good idea please do let us know and we will act accordingly.

Please note that we are sending this message to current members and active members of our community who may not be officially IAMCR members at this point. If you are in this last category do consider rejoining when possible. 

In the meantime, we hope you will all stay safe. 

Best regards, 

Nelson Ribeiro, Chair
Gideon Kouts, Vice-Chair
IAMCR History Section