IAMCR Newsletter - April 2022

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  • IAMCR 2022 – beijing2022.iamcr.org
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    • Chinese national activities and hybrid side events
    • "No travel events"
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IAMCR 2022 - beijing2022.iamcr.org

Communication Research in the Era of Neo-Globalisation is the theme of IAMCR’s 2022 conference. Organised in cooperation with our partners, Tsinghua University in Beijing and Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University in Suzhou, the conference will be primarily online. Read this section of the newsletter and visit the website for more information.

How to participate

There are several ways in which you can participate in this year’s online conference. The main online components include:
  • Five plenary sessions
  • Online Conference Papers
  • Online Video Sessions
  • Flow34 Virtual Cinema and Podcasts
For more details on these and other activities, see https://iamcr.org/beijing2022/how-to-participate

Online Conference Papers

Online Conference Papers (OCP) is a space for IAMCR members to submit and get feedback on their research and to get certification for its inclusion in the conference. 1,420 abstracts, with authors in 86 different countries, have been selected for inclusion in IAMCR 2022 OCP. Want to know more about the work that will be presented? You can download and consult the abstracts accepted by Flow34 and IAMCR's 33 thematic sections and working groups at https://iamcr.org/beijing2022/abstract-books.

To submit your paper and register, go to https://iamcr.org/beijing2022/register-submit. Remember, you must be an IAMCR member to submit your paper, and there is a US$ 25 submission fee.

IAMCR General Assembly 

IAMCR holds a General Assembly (GA) every two years. This year it will be held online immediately after the conference, on 16 July, and all members are invited to join. The official invitation to the GA, will be sent to all institutional and individual members soon. 


Registration for the online conference will be free for all IAMCR members and will take place at two different times. When you can register depends on whether or not you will submit a paper to Online Conference Papers.

If you are submitting a paper to Online Conference Papers you will be automatically registered at the same time you upload your paper – until 7 June. If the paper has more than one author, only the author submitting the paper will register at this time. 

If you are not submitting a paper your registration period opens on 27 June, two weeks before the conference.

If you do not register for the conference you will still be able to watch plenary sessions and some special sessions, but only registered members will have access to most of the conference proceedings.

IAMCR 2022 Chinese national activities and hybrid side events

Due to continuing complications related to COVID-19, in the host country and around the world, IAMCR 2022 remains, as initially planned, an online conference. 

The conference’s initial plans also included a face-to-face national hub at Tsinghua University in Beijing and hybrid pre-conferences at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University in Suzhou. Participation in the face-to-face events was to be restricted to residents of mainland China. 

The organisers are proceeding with preparations for these events. However, the situation remains uncertain and the nature of the national events will depend on the mitigation measures recommended by public health authorities, including Beijing’s local policies on public events and any restrictions on travel within China. 

We will follow the situation closely and send another update in June about whether in-person attendance for those who are currently in China will be possible. 

"No travel events"

With the global pandemic restricting travel and obliging IAMCR to hold its conference online, we can’t offer members a chance to travel to IAMCR 2022, but maybe we can help IAMCR go to you...

We are offering up to 24 no travel grants to IAMCR members in low and middle income countries who will organise IAMCR no travel events during IAMCR 2022. Find out more >>

IAMCR 2022 Awards

IAMCR will make several awards and grants available to early career members in 2022. They include:

The deadline to apply for all awards is 30 April 2022

If you are not in a low or middle income country, you are still welcome to organise a no travel event. Write support2022@iamcr.org to let us know what you are planning. 


IAMCR Webinar Series

The IAMCR webinar series began as a new initiative in 2021, with the aim of keeping IAMCR members connected and engaged with regular dialogue outside of the main conference. Eight webinars have already been held and the recordings are available on the IAMCR Webinars Channel on Vimeo.

Continuing with this initiative, two book launch webinars are planned for June by the Communication Policy & Technology section (7 June) and the Journalism Research & Education section (20 June). More details will be announced soon. Visit https://iamcr.org/webinars for updates and to access the recordings of past webinars. Webinars are open and free of charge to all IAMCR members.

Section and Working Group elections

Several of IAMCR's sections and working groups will hold online elections in 2022. They are:

  • Crisis, Security and Conflict Communication Working Group
  • Ethics of Society & Ethics of Communication Working Group
  • Global Media Policy Working Group
  • Media Production Analysis Working Group
  • Political Economy Section
  • Rural Communication Working Group

The call for candidates has been issued and the deadline to submit candidacies is 29 April 2022. Eligible members of IAMCR and of the section or working group, are able to stand for a position and to vote. Read more >>


IAMCR co-sponsors conferences, seminars and other activities around the world and online organised by our Sections and Working Groups, national and regional ambassadors, and partner associations and universities. A few recent and upcoming events include:
  • 8 March, 2022 - IAMCR's Gender and Communication Section and the Delhi Metropolitan Education Media School marked International Women's Day with the webinar Inspiring Women - Global Faces / Gendered Media Space: Shattering the Glass Screen. Read more >>

  • 10 - 13 March, 2022 - The "Dhaka Media Summit 2022" included an IAMCR Ambassadors' session on The Future of Journalism and its Implications to Journalism Education with Faculty Ambassadors Leah Jerop Komen (Kenya), Luís António Santos (Portugal), Uma Shankar Pandey (India) and Brian Pindayi (Zambia). The session was moderated by Jude William Genilo, Faculty Ambassador in Bangladesh. Read more >>

  • 12-13 July, 2022 – The International Communication Section, jointly with the Centre for Advanced Internet Studies in Bochum, Germany and the School of Communication of Hong Kong Baptist University, will host the workshop Power, Control and Cyber Governance: Discourse from the East and the West to be held in Bochum, Germany and online. Read more >>

  • Roundtables in 2022 and 2023 - Three roundtables on the topic titled Global South Perspectives on International Migration, Diasporas and Mobility in the Post-digital Era will be organized by the Diaspora and Media Working Group, with the individual roundtables focusing on Africa and Asia (in 2022) and Latin America (in 2023). Read more >>

New ambassadors

The IAMCR Executive Board (EB) extends a warm welcome to our six newly appointed PhD ambassadors: Jeremiah M. Nganda (Kenya), Priyanka Sachdeva (India), Gizem Canalp (Cyprus), Xudong Weng (China), Victor C. Eze (Nigeria) and Nicole Stewart (Canada), and our newly appointed faculty ambassador, Shahla Adnan (Pakistan). The EB also congratulates Uma Shankar Pandey for continuing as a faculty ambassador in India.  Meet the ambassadors >>

Clearinghouse for Public Statements

IAMCR’s Clearinghouse for Public Statements issued two statements in recent months. The first one in support of CIESPAL, the International Center for Higher Communication Studies for Latin America, whose funding by the government of Ecuador has been progressively cut, by signing a petition requesting that Ecuador’s president, Guillermo Lasso, intervene in support of CIESPAL. The petition was successful and funding was restored for 2022.

The second statement was issued in solidarity with workers at Brazil’s national public service broadcaster, the Empresa Brasil de Comunicação (EBC), in its fight to safeguard the Brazilian people’s right to public broadcasting reflecting the interests of society, consistent with Brazil’s Federal Constitution.

Find out more about Clearinghouse activities here >>


IAMCR/Palgrave book series

The IAMCR/Palgrave book series, Global Transformations in Media and Communication Research, recently published two new titles: The Transformation of the Media System in Turkey, by Eylem Yanardağoğlu and Media and the Dissemination of Fear, edited by Nelson Ribeiro and Christian Schwarzenegger. IAMCR members are entitled to a 35% discount on all titles in the series. Send an email to GlobalTransformations@iamcr.org to access the discount.

International Journal of Communication

A Special Section on Trends and Perspectives on Digital Platforms and Digital Television in Europe has just been published in Volume 16 (2022) of the International Journal of Communication, an open-access online academic journal: https://ijoc.org/index.php/ijoc, including articles by several IAMCR members. Karen Arriaza Ibarra, Chair of the International Communication section, was guest editor of this special section.

The Political Economy of Communication

Volume 9, Number 1 of The Political Economy of Communication is now available. The peer-reviewed and open access journal is published under the auspices of the IAMCR Political Economy Section. 

Members' books

IAMCR members are invited to announce their recently published books and book chapters to the IAMCR community and website visitors. Click here to see the most recent ones.