IAMCR Membership Drive

IAMCR Newsletter | November 2013

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IAMCR Membership Drive

An increase in IAMCR’s membership is crucial to the health and sustainability of IAMCR as a professional association. The issue of ‘why belong to IAMCR’? is an important one that needs to be addressed in the context of challenging times. In this climate both the issue of ‘relevance’ and  ‘benefits’ need to be factored in. Relevance relates to what makes IAMCR a unique association while benefits deals with the tangible advantages of becoming a member.

IAMCR is the preeminent worldwide professional association in the field of media and communication research. It is intentionally inclusive and international and promotes the best traditions of critical research and scholarship in the field. IAMCR conferences are held around the world most recently in Cairo, Stockholm, Mexico City, Braga, Istanbul, Durban and Dublin. IAMCR consists of a global community of scholars who are involved in and contribute to both communication policy and practice. IAMCR is an NGO that holds consultative status with UNESCO. It is especially encouraging of younger scholars through its Emerging Scholars Network. IAMCR maintains professional relations with a number of global and regional associations including ICA, ECREA, ALAIC, AMIC.

Members have many exclusive benefits including the following:

  • Online access to abstracts and papers and presentations from IAMCR conferences.
  • Membership in any of IAMCR's 31 sections and working groups.
  • Access to a searchable online database of members that allows you to find colleagues and to access other members’ profiles, including research interests and contact information.
  • Significant discounts on three of the leading journals in our field: International Communication Gazette, New Media and Society, and Global Media and Communication.
  • Opportunities to participate in the organization and development of the association.
  • Access to members-only and public announcements lists, Facebook and Twitter. These platforms are used to promote members’ work, announce job openings and events, and as participatory spaces for debate.

Membership also offers opportunities to network, build research collaborations, and publish in the association's book series and journals. IAMCR also offers unique awards and travel scholarships.

Institutional membership is an important dimension of IAMCR members. Institutional members have special voting rights at the General Assembly.

IAMCR values dialogue and inter-disciplinarity, engages with cutting edge new and emerging research traditions, is mindful of and engages with the challenges facing media academics, and supports just and peaceful communication futures.