Press and Censorship in Brazil

Press and Censorship in Brazil

By Sílvio Henrique Vieira Barbosa and Luiz Henrique de Castro Pereira

"Press and Censorship in Brazil" explores the state of journalism in Brazil and the various forms of censorship it faces. "Complete freedom, nobody enjoys it: we start oppressed by syntax and end up dealing with the Police of Social and Political Order, but, within the narrow limits that grammar and law coerce us, we can still move". This quote from Brazilian writer Graciliano Ramos (in Memoirs of Prison, 1953), also illustrates the present moment of Brazilian journalism. Among so many forms of censorship present in our days: the political and ideological (induced by the government's pressure) and the economic (by the strength of the market), we still find the judicial, the one decided precisely by the constitutionally responsible power to watch over its integrity. Yes, the judge's pen is present with the same strength as the stamp of the former and extinct Brazilian Federal Censorship Department, in 1988, with the new Federal Constitution.

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Silvio Henrique Vieira Barbosa is director of Radio Universitaria 96.7 FM, professor at the Federal University of Piauí (UFPI), Piauí, Brazil, and a member of IAMCR.

Luiz Henrique de Castro Pereira is a federal prosecutor in office at the FUNASA Superintendence (Fundação Nacional de Saúde/National Health Foundation) Sao Paulo, Brazil.  

The above text is from the publisher’s description of the book:

Title: Press and Censorship in Brazil
Author: Sílvio Henrique Vieira Barbosa and Luiz Henrique de Castro Pereira
Published: 2023
Pages: 118
Publisher:  Editora Appris Ltda

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