Mission Statement

The Scholarly Review Committee (SRC) is a committee of the International Council mandated, according to the Statutes (Article 6.2), to continually review the domains and performance of the Association's Sections and Working Groups. It supports the scholarly work of IAMCR by encouraging best practices among individual members, Sections, and Working Groups, as well as by providing a forum for deliberation on IAMCR's scholarly mission.

Activities of the Scholarly Review Committee

The SRC works, closely with the IAMCR president and the International Council, to encourage and maintain the academic rigor of IAMCR. Its activities include providing guidelines and suggestions for scholarly practice to Sections and Working Groups, as well as individual IAMCR scholars and other individuals interested in participating in IAMCR activities.

The SRC monitors and evaluates the activities of the association's thematic Sections and Working Groups as described in the document Section and Working Group Activity Requirements, Monitoring, and Evaluation.

New sections and working groups can be established. For details, see the document Procedures for Establishing Sections and Working Groups. Parties interested in establishing new Working Groups or Sections are encouraged to reach out to heads of existing SWGs to explore possibilities for collaboration, gauge potential overlaps, and to become better acquainted with the Association generally.

Committee Members

Chair: Dr. Thomas Jacobson - tlj[at]

Aimée Vega Montiel - aimeevegamx[at]
John Sinclair - johngs2020[at]
Robin Mansell - R.E.Mansell[at]
Jo Pierson - jo.pierson[at]
Kaarle Nordenstreng - kaarle.nordenstreng[at]
Denize Araujo - denizearaujo[at]
Marjan de Bruin - marjan.debruin[at]
Changfeng Chen - fengchen5266[at]
Sandra Ristovska - sandra.ristovska[at]
Usha Raman - usha.raman[at] (EB liaison)

Resources for IAMCR Conferences

Some resources for conference preparation and participation are available that may be useful for individual scholars and presenters, conference session chairs and heads of IAMCR sections and working groups. Please note these are guidelines not strict rules. They indicate widely used practices and may be used as recommendations, suggestions or tips.

Note on Language

IAMCR has three official languages: English, French, and Spanish. While English is IAMCR’s lingua franca, or common usage language, IAMCR regularly endeavors to make the conferences inclusive of all three languages as much as possible. IAMCR tries to have simultaneous translation available for general assemblies and plenary sessions. Some Sections and Working groups have sessions that are specifically in either French or Spanish. Other times, translation is arranged through the efforts of volunteers during sessions. Individuals wanting to work in either French or Spanish, or in another language, should contact the appropriate Section or Working Group Chairs to find out what resources are available.