CfP to hold future IAMCR conferences

Photo (cc) asiaculturecenter Unsplash

IAMCR’s Executive Board and International Council will consider proposals for hosting and organisation of the main IAMCR conference in 2025 or later. Expressions of interest should be submitted to the Executive Board. IAMCR conferences are major opportunities to show the know-how and promote the activities of the organising institution(s) and to foster the energy and creativity around a large international project.

An expression of interest should include the following:

  1. A description of the general vision of the event (including the location, timing, and organisational capacity).
  2. Information regarding the way the proposal will meet IAMCR's requirements. (Conference organizing guidelines are available upon request.)
  3. A draft financial plan.
  4. Strengths and weaknesses of the proposal.

Please note that more than one institution can submit a joint proposal, as long as they are in the same geographical area.

We will consider future conference sites based on the strength of proposals, with attention to geographical diversity.

Please send expressions of interest or requests for more information to IAMCR President, Nico Carpentier at by 31 March 2023.